TMK Clubhouse began with a couple of friends who enjoyed playing X-Wing but wanted to expand their local community of fellow gamers.  While out of town for a tournament Brian and Travis observed other groups from around Southern California in team shirts and figured that their hometown of Temecula should get on board.  The name Team Mech Killers (TMK) developed off of a tattoo that Travis saw while in the Army and because of its similar sound to the area of Temecula.

The guys soon recruited other players from the local game stores, developed a logo for T-Shirts and firmed up call signs for the members.  New members were encouraged to attend a tournament out of town with seasoned veterans of the group, as a way to earn their call sign and status as a Team Mech Killer.

Due to business closures and a lack of support from local game stores, Brian has chosen to open up his home as a "clubhouse" for the members of the X-Wing community.  With hopes of one day expanding to a larger play space, we currently offer enough room for 3 games at once and will be live streaming play on Twitch.  Additionally, we have an online storefront for the latest X-Wing releases.


As of January 29, 2019 the first TMK Tuesday was held and we are now officially open for business.  We welcome all those interested in X-Wing whether you've been playing since the beginning or you've never flown a mission.

Brian Bugaj

A founding member of the Team Mech Killers as well as organizer of the RivCo Tour, Brian has been a Star Wars fan since childhood. After spending several years working in insurance/banking he spent time as a chess coach and after-school STEM instructor.  He is currently enjoying his favorite job to date as a stay at home dad to his very own Jedi, Ben Kenobi.


T: 619-772-2313

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